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Customer Support

Build custom support tools in hours, not weeks

Retool helps support and engineering teams build custom internal tools for support much faster than building from scratch. Automate and run your support playbook faster with Retool. 

From startups to Fortune 500s, the world's most effective teams use Retool to build custom support tools

Spend time on customers, not busywork

You can consolidate any support process into a custom interface or automation with Retool

Resolve issues faster

Bring all the customer data you need into one view—no more tabs, meetings, and DMs to find what you need. Retool helps you consolidate finding data into one simple interface.

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Increase retention

You can turn any support process into a Retool app. Even better, you can automate away manual work and help the team standardize each step. All things that lead to higher CSAT and lower churn, which increase retention.

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Iterate with less effort

Adapt support plays as fast as your product changes. With Retool, it's really easy to build your ideal support process from day one—and adapt as things inevitably change.

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"Our teams champion new ways of working because Retool makes it easy to build any workflow we need. It’s helped us turn critical expertise into better support metrics across the board."

Emily Haahr
Emily Haahr
Head of Support, Plaid

"Using Retool helps our support team pin down where issues are coming from faster and more accurately by stitching all of our data together into a single timeline. We can build better tooling for our teams and stay ahead of customer issues instead of trying to fix them after they come up."

Alex Millet
Alex Millet
Director of Product, Twilio Segment

"Retool allows us to easily build apps and a user interface for our agents so our tech team can focus on building our product and APIs. Retool saves our team time and helps us provide a better service for customers by empowering agents to respond faster."

Miguel Eusébio
Miguel Eusébio
Customer Relations Manager, SaltPay
How it works

Build custom support tools 10x faster

Retool makes building apps and automations easier, faster, and more collaborative at every step



Build internal tools on top of any business data. Retool can connect to any database or support tool like Zendesk or Intercom.



Drag and drop 90+ pre-built UI components like tables and forms into any interface you need for your business.



Customize the way your support tools look and work. You can write custom JavaScript anywhere in Retool.

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Run your own support playbook

Support tools like CRMs and help desks force you to fit into their support workflows. Retool helps you productize the support process that you want to run, and iterate it as you go. 

Speed up the development time

Requesting new tools from engineers often falls through the cracks. Building in Retool requires minimal engineering investment and is more collaborative so you can get to the right outcome faster.

Scale your own way

Retool brings together everything you need to build apps and automations that you can count on for your most critical, secure, and sensitive support workflows—whether you’re a team of one or 1000. 

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Build your first custom support tool in hours, not weeks