Building data apps with Retool and Databricks

Powerful data frontends - in minutes

Together, Databricks and Retool offer data teams a fast and powerful way to develop data apps—and bring the power of AI into their operations. Data teams can use Retool to build custom front ends that give more teams access to their Databricks data ecosystem, while providing the right security, compliance, and governance at every step. They can also pilot and deploy AI use cases for everything from sharing insights to powering critical business processes.

Watch this webinar presented by Dan Zuckerberg, Sr. Solutions Architect at Databricks, and Jon Walls, Account Executive at Retool, to see how custom data applications built on top of your Databricks data can help every team operate better.

This session will cover:

  • How Retool + Databricks helps you safely build AI-enabled data apps
  • Common use cases for data apps across different teams
  • What’s next for Retool and Databricks

Original event hosted by Database Trends and Applications.

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