How internal software modernizes a $12T industry

Construction is a $12,000,000,000 global industry. At the same time, many of the most successful players in the space are operating on paper and pencil. That’s left huge opportunity on the table for companies like EquipmentShare, who believe there is a treasure trove of efficiency to be gained by simply modernizing how construction operations happen. Many of these same principles apply to industries that are just getting started digitalizing their operations.

Watch this session where Mark Wopata, Chief Data Officer at EquipmentShare, discusses how software can completely transform internal operations, why EquipmentShare is investing in this space, and how they think this will help them win a mostly analog industry. You’ll hear:

  • The role internal tools can play for efficient operations
  • How technology can be designed to help — not confuse — field teams, technicians, and contractors
  • How the right tools can help developers scale solutions securely — and save time at every step